DIY Wall Hung Workbench Plans

This workbench plan is really suitable for small spaces. If you have a small garage, you can build this wall-hung workbench and can fold it anytime after any usage. This workbench will help you make use of your limited space in the garage.

Step 1. Tools and materials


  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Work surface
  • Saw horses
  • Level
  • Clamps
  • Stud finder
  • Sander
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Circular saw
  • Screws


  • 3” core butcher paper roll
  • 2x4x8’ pine stud
  • 1x4x12’ pine
  • 1x3x8’ cedar
  • Particleboard, sized 4’x8’ sheet
  • Pegboard, 2’x4’

Step 2. Assemble the bench top

The bench top will be folded later on, thus, all sides will be functional and visible. The underside of the bench top will be shown whenever the top is folded against the wall. You can use 1×3 cedar for the trim. This cedar can also help with the board stability although not maximal.

Place the trim outside the board using 3 vertical boards (23”) and 2 horizontal boards for the top and the bottom. The size of the boards is 44- ¼ inch. Flip the top over. Add 2×4’ board to its edge as the wall attachment. Secure the stud using 3” screws starting from the trimmed top until the top and the corner braces using some ½ inch screws.

Step 3. Raise the pegboard

First, make the wall slats as they will be used to mount the pegboard. Use the stud finder to mark the wall studs. Secure the pine slats along the centered wall of every stud. These studs give some space between the pegboards and the wall as the pegs to be mounted. Measure your desired workbench top height. The important part is the slats bottom as they need to be really even to attach the workbench. Then, secure the pegboard onto the wall slat. You can ask some help to hold the pegboard steadily.


Step 4. Install the workbench

Align the pegboard with the bench top. Secure the benchtop using the sawhorses. Center the hinge plate onto the wall slats as they will support the pegboards. The benchtop weight will be supported by each stud throughout the hinge plate. Firstly, screw the hinge plate onto the benchtop, then onto the pegboard. When the hinge plate has been attached to the benchtop, you can re-adjust and attach it to the wall. Make sure the hinges are well folded. After it is completed, you can add the frame from the 2×4’ board all over the benchtop and side frames. You can also paint some coats onto the workbench to minimize the damage.

DIY Wall Hung Workbench Plans

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