Best Car Seat Covers for Dog Hair Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If you’re a dog lover who takes their best friend with them everywhere they go and are in need of finding something to protect the seat in your car, you might consider investing in a car seat covers for dog hair.  These seat covers can help keep the unwanted hair your dog sheds out of the original fabric of the vehicles seat.  They are designed specifically for that purpose.

It doesn’t matter if you have an old car that’s on its last leg, or a brand new car you just drove off the lot, if you have a dog that is your favorite traveling companion, and you would prefer not to have all that excess dog hair end up threading itself into the fabric of the seat, then getting a nice set of seat covers is a wise investment.

If you are a pet lover, you know how much removing pet hair from a car can turn into a full day’s work. You like the morning jogs with the dog, but you really dislike the scrubbing you have to endure after her tags along in the car. It’s totally worth it, because another member of the family gets to come along for the ride, but man oh man is it tricky, and sticky, and pretty much the pits!

So when the idea of doggy friendly car seat covers was vouched, the first image that came to mind were those dodgy plastic covers that almost everyone’s grandparents had over their furniture. Those things were unsightly, and in the the summertime, sticky. What if you can change all that. What if there was a dog seat cover made from the finest of fabrics that won’t cause the little guy to overheat in the summer-time, and won’t give you a
headache to clean up?


Best Car Seat Covers For Dog Reviews

Solvit 62314 Waterproof Hammock Seat Cover for Pets

Solvit is well known for their great quality and products made especially with your pets in mind, and this item is no different. Solvit Best Rated Dog Seat CoversHammock seat cover are great for active, playful pets that like to get dirty and don’t like to sit still in the car, and Solvit really knows how to cover all our bases by making this one waterproof as well.

The cover is made from durable heavy-gauge polyester and includes a waterproof backing that will make sure to protect your seats, no matter what. Among the list of great qualities that the Solvit 62314 offers is the ability to be attached onto any car with headrests, making it easy to install and easy to use in any car, or even multiple cars.

Another handy feature is that it’s fully machine washable. That’s right, no more fussing with shampoo and brushes, just pop it in the washing machine, leave it out to dry and it’s good as new, ready for another trip to the beach!

The hammock seat cover will also protect your pets from any sudden stops while you’re travelling, preventing them from falling to the floor and getting injured. It even comes with pockets for all your pets’ travelling necessities. We can’t think of a better seat cover to fully protect your car’s interiors and your pets. You can pick one of these up online for under $50, what a bargain for a quality seat cover! Your pets will love it and we’re sure you will too!

Verdict: This seat cover offers tons of seat and pet protection for a great price. Thumbs up!


Formosa Deluxe Quilted Dog Seat Cover

Here’s a versatile premium seat cover that’s sure to make all pet lovers smile, I might even have a hard time finding any cons for it. Vast seat covers like this one always do a great job at keeping your car’s interiors dirt-free, as well as making the drive a little more comfortable for your pets. It also helps take a load off your mind when driving with pets, ensuring their safety and the safety of your car.

formosa deluxe rear seat cover   The Deluxe Quilted and Padded seat cover for pets from Formosa Covers is indeed a pet lover’s dream. It’s one size fits all and can be used on the backseat, front passenger seat, in the cargo area or even in your home on a couch. It measures at 56”width by 94”length and comes in a khaki color, great for hiding dirt and matching your car’s interior. This seat cover from Formosa Covers will protect not only your seat, but also the floor and the back of your front seats, offering more protection than most other styles.




Made from spun polyester fabric with backing fabric, the seat cover is quilted and padded making it a great place for your pets to rest on during long trips and adding comfort to almost any area you can think of putting it on. It is also water repellent to ensure you get no water strains on your car’s fabric interior.



If you’re looking for the ultimate protective seat cover that offer tons of versatility and even give your pets somewhere comfy to lie down on, this one is definitely for you!


Now, there’s not much to dislike about this cover from Formosa Covers, but I will say if you’ve got small pets that don’t take up that much space and don’t move around a lot in the car, then this seat cover may offer too much protection for your needs.

verfict of review iconVerdict

If you’re in the market for a great value seat cover that will keep your pets and your rear seats happy, this one is the one for you! No doubt!

formosa deluxe dog seat coverread-customer-reviews Bargain Priced
read-customer-reviews Multi Use
read-customer-reviews Fits all bench and rear seats
 Fold in half for single seat or lay flat for cargo
read-customer-reviews Khaki Color hides light colored hair
read-customer-reviews Also covers floor and acts as pet barrier
read-customer-reviews Water Repellent – Spun Polyester with backing
read-customer-reviews Super Comfortable Quilted and Padded


Duragear Pet Travel Hammock Car Seat Cover for Dogs 518103011- Sand

The Rear Bench Seat Cover from DuraGear is a sleek and simple seat cover that will give your dogs a comfy place to sit while protecting your seats from any excess dirt, moisture or drool that comes with the package of owning dogs.


This back seat cover from DuraGear was clearly designed with well-behaved dogs in mind. From the universal fit, to the slate color, it’s a sleek cover that will make the job of protecting your car while carting your dogs around a lot easier. It comes in a one-piece design that makes putting it on and off a breeze. The high quality nylon fabric is cool in summer, so long-haired dogs are more than welcome to enjoy!


This simplistic cover may seem quite plain, but it’s packed with great features. It’s waterproof and machine washable, versatile with easy installation and allows access to the backseat seatbelts if necessary. That means that you could even pair this rear bench seat cover with a dog car harness for your dog’s safety and protection. DuraGear also use premium fabric, making their products durable and long-lasting.


Where do we start with this pros list! High quality is definitely the number one reason to buy this seat cover. Waterproof and easy installation is a big pro in our books and something that a lot of other seat covers lack these days.


Although this rear seat cover for dogs is made from great quality material, it might not offer as much protection as you would like. The material could be a little slippery for the dog.


If all you need is a simple seat cover made from great quality material and that will last for ages, this one from DuraGear is for you! If you’re looking some a little extra cover and perhaps a more cost-effective price tag, keep shopping!


Bergan Travel Automobile Protectors and Barriers

Hammock Seat protector ReviewBergan have done a great job with their Heavy-Duty Hammock Car Seat Protector for Pets. But what’s the difference between a car seat protector and a car seat cover? Well, to be honest, not much! A car seat cover is usually designed with your pets in mind, while a car seat protector is specifically for protecting your seats.

With that said, Bergan’s Heavy-Duty Hammock seat protector has not only been designed with your seats in mind, but they’ve also taken your pets’ safety into account. While protecting your seats from odors, spills and dirt, it will also ensure the safety of your pet during unforeseen car incidents like sudden halts, windy roads or even accidents. It’s also a great way to keep your critters on the backseat.

Bergan Hammock Rear Seat Cover Sudan carFeatures

The Heavy-Duty Hammock Car Seat Protector from Bergan is waterproof, which is a huge help if you’ve got pets that love water or that are prone to makes unexpected puddles, i.e puppies or old-aged pets. The seat protector is also machine washable and can be easily installed, making the whole process quick, easy and convenient. The product comes in grey, which hides dirt and matches most neutral car interiors.

For all that this hammock seat protector from Bergan offers the affordable price tag is a major plus. The extra features help put this seat protector above the rest, in terms of ease of use and convenience.

Unfortunately this specific product from Bergan doesn’t offer the best quality and has a tendency to wear easily. So if you’ve got large, active pets that are prone to jump around during car trips, we suggest you look for a heavy duty cover, but you will have to spend some extra bucks.

verfict of review iconVerdict

If you’ve got small to medium pets who will happily sit still during car trips but you’re looking for a little extra protection for your seats, this seat protector is for you! If you’ve looking for something that’s a big more durable for larger pets, keep your eyes open for a hammock car seat cover instead.


K&H Pet Products Quilted Cargo Cover

The K&H Quilted Cargo Cover is a great way to transform any cargo area, aka trunk, into a pet-friendly environment for any occasion. If you’re a pet lover with multiple pets, or just a fan of big breeds, investing in a quality cargo cover for your pets will make traveling a whole lot more comfortable for them and a whole lot less worrisome for you. Here’s a review to make sure the Quilted Cargo Cover from K&H is the right one for you!

K&H Quilted cargo cover

The Quilted Cargo Cover from K&H was specifically designed to fit SUV cargo areas and protect interior from your wet dogs that leave behind dirt and hair in your car. This quilted cover will get rid of those nasty problems and offers a comfortable and safe environment for your pets to relax on during trips.

Gray K&H Quilted Cargo Cover

This waterproof quilted cover has a universal fit for a variety of uses and includes adjustable straps to make sure it’s secure at all times. Its vinyl-backed nylon material ensures a 100% waterproof cover so your car’s interiors stay dry as well as dirt free. Clever! It also features convenient pockets for toys, accessories or any of your pet’s loved belongings.

We love quilted cargo covers in general, as they offer lots of comfort and great quality, and this one if no exception! Pets love good quality luxury just as much as you do, so remember that!
Water Proof. Another great feature of this cargo cover from K&H is the fact that it’s waterproof, which can be hard to find on the web. And those extra pockets always come in handy too!

So here’s the deal with the Quilted Cargo Cover from K&H: If you’ve got an over sized SUV than this might not cover the entire cargo area, and you might have to deal with dirt, hair and liquids creeping around and under the cover.

verfict of review iconVerdict
Descent price for a waterproof cargo cover. Just make sure to check dimensions of your cargo area before you buy to make sure it covers entire area. If it does than this one is one of the best you’ll find.


Snoozer Console Pet Car Seat Cream Fur

snoozer console pet car seatIf you’re tiny four-legged friend likes their own personal area to relax in and get cozy, a snoozer console car seat will provide them with everything they need for those dreaded car trips, and hey, maybe they won’t be so dreaded after all.



snoozer console pet car seatFeatures: The snoozer console acts as your pets’ own little basket area and can be used in or out of the car. Tiny dogs, cats and even rabbits, love this furry handbag sized car seat. This car seat from Snoozer offers great warmth and comfort as it’s lined with Sherpa, allowing for warm winters and cool summers. The quilted nylon outer is made to repel hair, keeping it cleaner for long and keeping your to-do list open for other tasks. But when time does come to wash the removable cover, just pop it in the washing machine and tumble drier and you’ll be good to go.



The affordable price. From $35. The security and safety of the patented design for holding the seat on the console. The hair resistant material. The color choices. And the comfortable feel


.It seems to only be a good fit for very small dogs. If not secured correctly pet seat can slide of console. Some customers consider this seat to be taller than they would prefer.

verfict of review iconVerdict

The Console Pet Car Seat is made to fit in the console of your car and fits in a wide variety of car models, but we suggest you check the dimensions before purchasing one. The car seat also features security straps to keep it in place and your pet extra safe. It sells online at an affo9rdable price and is available in a great choice of colors, patterns and sizes. It’s a great buy for any small pet owner!


Benefits of Having the Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs

While there are many types of seat covers available, you might want to be a bit discerning to get the best deal for yourself as well as for your tail-wagging buddy.

Economically convenient

Regular seat covers may be economical but investing in quality seat covers designed for pets can diminish much of the mess and frustration. You will notice wear and tear whenever your ill-tempered doggies ravish your seat covers. Dog specific seat covers are perfect for getting the job done and cost just as much as those seat covers designed for people.

The best jeep seat covers for dog hair are durable, created with materials best suited for handling pet odors, hair, and pet clawing. Your pups may provoke little messes, but with the right seat cover, you can heave a sigh of relief when your pet misbehaves. You would also want to make sure your pooch is both safe and comfortable while during long or short rides.

Style and design

Seat covers for dogs differ in design, style, and material. They come in a wide selection of features, patterns, fabrics, colors, and textures. Seat covers also come in various sizes and have a sufficient abundance of colors to pick from. Most dog seat covers come in standard four popular colors such as beige, brown, blue, and black for cars.

You can choose covers in hammock styles, deluxe covers, reversible rear seat covers, single dog seat layovers, microfiber car seats, plaids, quilted bedding, dog mats, and suede cargo covers. The choices have no limits, however, it is much important to be discerning as well. Make sure that the seat cover you have purchased should fit your dog appropriately.


Surely, safety and comfort is key when grabbing seat covers for your dog. For safety measures, assess your backseat area. Many seat covers slip over headrests in many vehicles. Better securely fasten the covers down to avoid injury to your pet, your car, and you as well. You can check the necessary instructions that come with your seat cover purchase. When in doubt, call the manufacturer with any issues pertaining to your purchase and they would certainly be willing to assist you.

Handy solution

A car seat cover for dogs is not something new since pet owners have been craving an easy solution for their pets’ messes. With the proliferation of dog products, companies have started cashing on the bigger picture. Finally, to protect the fabric and the cushion of your car seats, the best thing is to buy a nice, durable dog seat cover.

Final Verdict

Dog car seat covers are not that difficult to find.  Most people have seen them in the stores they shop in but may not have known that’s what they were looking for.  Some of the places you can find these products include; major pet supply outlets, well known retail stores, online merchants, TV. advertisements, or possibly at your local hardware store.

The dog seat covers are available in a multitude of styles, shapes, and colors to accommodate the needs of all dogs, and dog owners.  You can find them for any size dog, and any size seat.  Seat covers are available for all areas of the vehicle, so regardless of where your favorite traveling buddy likes to ride, you can be sure there is a seat cover for that spot, or area.  Front passenger seat covers for those dogs who like to be the center of attention and view their surroundings give your dog a comfortable place to perch while protecting that front seat for future riders.

Car seat covers for dog are made available by so many different manufacturers, finding the one that will best suit your need may be easier to accomplish by shopping online than by traveling to every store in your town and the three that neighbor it just to go home empty handed.  Online merchants normally offer store to door delivery at the click of a button.  If you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for through a particular search request online, try rewording the search criteria to be more specific. Hope with this article you’ve get the help you  needed.

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